Script Writing

Script Writing Services: “Story, Screenplay and Dialogues” Oh! I ENJOY WRITING SCRIPTS. Are you looking for Original stories from Kashmir or Fiction?  You may get variety of stories or subjects for your Films, Web series and Television serials. Be it a real story, adaptation or fiction, I’m confident that I can deliver your dream product to you, and I want to work with you until you are completely happy with the polished screenplay.   


Acting Services: Just give me a character and I will portray it in a best possible way. Punctuality, rehearsals, longer shifts wouldn’t   bother me. I am not good at complaining. I welcome challenges and adventures. 


Direction Services: Having won International Awards for my two recent films my passion and dedication for the craft of film making has enormously increased so has the standards and the guidelines for the future productions. The artistic and dramatic aspects and visualisation of the screenplay are one of my key strengths. I am best at guiding the technical and artistic crew and make out a best team despite all odds for the quality, smooth and timely completion of the production. You will find me the first and the last first person there for your product.